Worship, Fatherhood & Provision

Worship, Fatherhood & Provision
October 7, 2018

Worship, Fatherhood & Provision

Passage: Romans 8, Matthew 6
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Bible Text: Romans 8, Matthew 6 | Preacher: Pastor Tope Shaba | Series: The Secret Place

When we pray, what dawns upon us is the fatherhood; when we approach God, it is the revelation that He is our father. We must know who we are worshiping.

Those who are not committed to a life of prayer, the display in your heart is that you do not know God. Sons do not leave their father; they love to communicate with their father. Those who do not have a lifestyle of prayer are Orphans.

In the place of prayer, God begins to deal with worry and anxiety; he fills your heart with peace. He shows you more of who he is.

He reveals more of himself to you; in the midst of lack you see the abundance of God, in the midst of shame you see honor; through this comes the comfort.

‘Give us this day our daily bread.’ what are your needs? Your need is valuable before God. Place it before him. Sufficient for a day is the trouble thereof; focus on today.

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