The Word and Prayer

The Word and Prayer
October 21, 2018

The Word and Prayer

Passage: Romans 10:1-4,4
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Bible Text: Romans 10:1-4,4 | Preacher: Pastor Tope Shaba | Series: The Secret Place

Prayer is done in faith and faith is received or imparted through the hearing of the Word. For prayer to be effective i.e. to achieve the purpose for which it’s offered, it must be offered within who God says He is and what He promised.

When a man seeks to know the word without praying, what is been observed is religion. When you don’t follow what the bible recommend as prayer, you are promoting self.

The will of God is discovered in the word; it contains the dreams, visions and character of God. If a believer should pray according to the will of God, he/she must be grounded in interaction with the word.

For the fact that you prayed and nothing happened doesn’t mean that nothing has happened; if you’ve prayed according to his will, then something is happening.

Trust God; allow Him develop you as you wait in patience and walk in love.

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