The Secret Place: Strong Signals

The Secret Place: Strong Signals
October 14, 2018

The Secret Place: Strong Signals

Passage: Matthew 6:1-18, Jeremiah 33:1-3, Isaiah 59:1-2, Matthew 17:14- 21
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Bible Text: Matthew 6:1-18, Jeremiah 33:1-3, Isaiah 59:1-2, Matthew 17:14- 21 | Preacher: Pastor Gbenro Ogundipe | Series: The Secret Place

We serve a God who is willing to tell us the things we don’t know; one who has made the earth livable for us. If your earth is not livable, check it well.

You cannot be silent, open your mouth and call to him. God says He would answer; when He answers it is obvious.
Why then do we not get signals?

Sin, transgression and Iniquity. Isa 59:1-2, Numb 6:1-5, Judges 18:1-9
Sinful thoughts: Psa 66:18; take control of what you think in the secret place; don’t let the thoughts lag on. What you think is as important as what you do; don’t allow anyhow thoughts. (2nd Corin 12:9). When you sow a thought you reap a feeling, when you sow a feeling, you reap an act, when you saw an act you reap a habit, when you sow a habit you reap a lifestyle, when you sow a lifestyle, you reap your destiny; don’t sow anyhow. Don’t harbor thoughts that prevent you from hearing.

Asking amiss (James 4:3). When you make Gods agenda your agenda, the resources for that agenda will be made available

Not asking according to His will. Ask yourself, what you’ve been praying for, is it according to God’s will? His will is in his word.

Marital conflict (1st peter 3:7). Take time to understand the root cause of the trouble, don’t just take surface answers.

Unbelief(Matt 17:14- 21). We don’t belief that God is the solution, we believe God is an option. First believe in him, if you believe in him, you seek him and you get the answers.

Disregard for the word (Pro 28:9). The word of God is critical. The prescription to our entire problem is in the word, all insight we need for living, is in the word. If you disregard the word, you have fundamentally disregarded your solution.

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