The Profiting of The Word
September 16, 2018

The Profiting of The Word

Passage: James1:19-25, Matthew 13:11-15
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Bible Text: James1:19-25, Matthew 13:11-15 | Preacher: Pastor Ife Kehinde | Series: The Secret Place

The things God can do for us cannot be as significant as what God can do through you. Seek first His kingdom, your attention should be on what He want, as against what you desire.

God speaks, people receive it in different ways. From the dealings of God with you, you would know which word is for you or not. Understanding the dealings of God in your life is critical so that when the Word comes, you would know how to appropriate it for yourself.

That you don’t have is because you are not using what you have. The result people see is what you have that is been used.

We are responsible for the profiting of God’s word in our lives. It is your own responsibility not that of your spouse nor pastor.

It is impractical to respond to God’s word in the flesh, the word that God speaks are spirit and life. Check your heart, your response to Gods word is as a result of where you are in faith.

There is a position to receive, with meekness. Placing the word high and above every other circumstance that you may be going through. You need to be blessed? Then do the word. The words that the lord has spoken to you, is for good works that you may walk the work of the father. Challenge yourself to see the word of God work in your life.

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