The Place of Forgiveness
September 30, 2018

The Place of Forgiveness

Passage: Matthew 6:5-15
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Bible Text: Matthew 6:5-15 | Preacher: Pastor Tope Shaba | Series: The Secret Place

Forgiveness is like a magnet, when you don’t offer it you repel, when you attract it you connect with it; your fellowship becomes restored with the father. You can’t get forgiveness from God if you refuse to forgive others. Anytime we are asked to forgive, it is always in reference to what Christ did.

The basis of fellowship with God is on the commonality that exists between you and him. When you get rid of all the vices like unforgiveness, your relationship becomes restored hence you flow with ease.

There is nothing God is asking you to do that he has not given to you. Become imitators of Christ; become merciful, offer love, forgive others.

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