The Holy Ghost

The Holy Ghost
November 4, 2018

The Holy Ghost

Passage: Psa 119:162, 2nd Corin 1:20
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Bible Text: Psa 119:162, 2nd Corin 1:20 | Preacher: Mr Tayo Kehinde | Series: The Ministry of the Spirit | There is nothing you can do aside the Holy Ghost. As regards the Holy Ghost you have to have the experience of him by yourself; you must have a picture of the Holy Ghost.

The word must jump at you from the pages of the scriptures, there must be an excitement.

The way the Holy Ghost works, is that he teaches you from things around you.  If you need to get the picture of Christ right, you need the Holy Ghost; he is your coach, director, and teacher.

The Holy Ghost is the one that instructs you, whatever you are going through, he will guide you; all that’s needed is for you to hear him for yourself.

If the Holy Ghost can raise Christ from the dead, everything that is dead in you can be quickened by the Holy Ghost. Likewise, when you speak in tongues, your body vibrates as the frequency of which you speak in the Holy Ghost. Believe!

In Conclusion, when you handle the word of God, peace settles in your mind. When you read the bible, don’t read just to fulfill all righteousness, read so you can apply.

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