Depending on Your Source

Depending on Your Source
October 14, 2018

Depending on Your Source

Passage: John 15:5, Psalm 91:4
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Bible Text: John 15:5, Psalm 91:4 | Preacher: Mrs. Oluchi Ochonma | Series: The Secret Place

Your prosperity as a Christian depends on you being rooted to your source.
A source is a place where something originates from. Everything on this earth be it living or not, came from a source. The source of fish is water, the source of plant is soil and the source of bird is the air; they depend on their source for survival. When you remove a thing from their natural source and place it elsewhere, it will die a natural death.

As Christians we have our source which is God; when you disconnect yourself from your source, you die spiritually; you malfunction.

There is a difference between working for God and walking with God; God needs you to be deeply rooted in Him, truly walk with Him. To abide in God means to be deeply rooted; it is your personal relationship with God that matters and your fruitfulness depends on how rooted you are in God. When you dwell, you abide under the shadow of the almighty.

God is asking us to depend on Him, when we depend on Him who is our source, He will never disappoint us. Your job may disappoint, your spouse may disappoint you but God never will.

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