Our Founding Pastor

An envoy with a commission, polymath, philomath, author and leader.

Our Ministries

Generally, Our ministries strengthen congregational life for the church’s mission.

Audio Messages

Make your soul grow “FAT” by hearing & meditating on God’s word.

Photo Gallery

Interacts with several photographs uploaded by our media team

Live Streaming

Yea! It’s church on the go – We stream our services live online.

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Give online with no issues using our safe, easy & convenient mode of payment.

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TBC in History..

The Baptizing Church Abuja, founded in 2005 by Pastor Dele Osunmakinde, was formally commissioned in 2007 by Pastor Tunde Bakare.

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Our Vision

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,…

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Welcome to The Baptizing Church!



We are a generation of believers who are in full identification with the Persons, purposes and missions of the Father, the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit and who use such identifications to influence peoples, nations, institutions & systems.

28 July
Plot 989, Olusegun Obasanjo Way,

Midweek Service

Opposite NNPC Mega Station, Central Business District, Abuja, Nigeria.

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You are Welcome!

We believe God made you specially and sent you into this world to fulfill an assignment. That’s why he has sent us to equip men and women like you to carry out their assignments, gain influence and use this influence to extend His kingdom here on earth.

To do this, God has given us a unique comprehension of the word of faith through which we have developed models for kingdom based victorious lifestyle in the 21st century environment.

We are bridging the gap between kingdom truth and market place realities, such that truth no longer remains hypothetical, but becomes an experience.

With Love from TBC Family,
Pastor & Mrs. Temitope Shaba,
Senior Pastor, TBC Abuja

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Access to the voice of God repositions us and aligns us with God's will. Without access to the voice of God it is impossible for man to fulfill purpose. God's…
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Online Giving

Online Giving

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Reviews from People!

Our impact & influence is being felt…

  • 5 star review  A safe harbor where the Word of God is taught precept upon precept and everyone is giving executive expression to influence systems, institutions etc. And the Word being mixed with Faith give us life, energy & strength for the impossible tasks! @TBC, The Word works!!!

    Niyi Bakre Avatar Niyi Bakre
    February 7, 2017
  • 5 star review  Awesome, powerful words of wisdom impacted and inspired by God. I was transformed by one serve, I can't be stingy with how grateful I am. God bless all of you at TBC Abuja.

    Udeoyibo Chinedu Vitus Avatar Udeoyibo Chinedu Vitus
    July 9, 2017
  • 5 star review  Its a place to learn how to apply the word of God accurately. The people are joyful and interesting!

    Femi Oni Avatar Femi Oni
    May 9, 2016
  • 5 star review  I had a blast in His presence. God bless

    Samson Quaye Avatar Samson Quaye
    June 29, 2014
  • 5 star review  A one of a Kind Christian Experience in God. You certainly need to visit to understand

    Tbc MediaAbuja Avatar Tbc MediaAbuja
    September 25, 2014

    Odunayo Ayegbayo Kuponiyi Avatar Odunayo Ayegbayo Kuponiyi
    July 6, 2016

Our Pastors

Meet our amazing pastors…

[dh_member style=”overlay” name=”Pastor Temitope Shaba” job=”Senior Pastor, TBCAbuja” avatar=”7725″ description=”Pastor Temitope Shaba is a program manager at International Institute of War and peace reporting.”]
[dh_member style=”overlay” name=”Pastor Charles Onochie” job=”Associate Pastor, TBCAbuja” avatar=”8560″]
[dh_member style=”overlay” name=”Pastor Femi Orekoya” job=”Associate Pastor, TBCAbuja” avatar=”9305″]
[dh_member style=”overlay” name=”Pastor Ifeoluwa Kehinde” job=”Associate Pastor, TBCAbuja” avatar=”9190″]
[dh_member style=”overlay” name=”Pastor Paul Odu” job=”Associate Pastor, TBCAbuja” avatar=”9680″]
[dh_member style=”overlay” name=”Pastor Gbenro Ogundipe” job=”Associate Pastor, TBCAbuja” avatar=”9324″]
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See the recent feeds from our various media platforms...

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